Increases in B2B calling

Kunnect Nation,

Over the course of the 12 months, I have noticed an important increase in business to business (B2B) calling. I also get asked my telemarketing managers if it is worth it to employ a predictive or preview dialer in these cases. That’s a good question.

Being a hosted call center vendor it seems easy to say yes, but I think hosted dialers, like the Kunnect solution offers more than just calling a ton of people faster. Here are other very important factors to consider:

1. List Management…Stop kidding yourself…you can’t do this manually
2. Securing your data…keeping your data in a dialer is a lot more secure that call sheets in your office.
3. End of day processing….Just the payroll saving for clerical work required to enter sales into a CRM or email off to a processor can be eliminated with automation.
4. Getting past the gate keeper – with Kunnect, you can store script information as well as information captured on previous calls for display on your new call.

I think I’m just scratching the surface here, but I’m dumbfounded that people still dial manually. Automation is the way to go. Join the Kunnect revolution 🙂

Fred Cote

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