The Amazon Cloud

Kunnect Nation,

It’s one of Amazon’s best-kept secrets. How many computers does it take to keep its Elastic Compute Cloud platform afloat? And now, a researcher with Accenture thinks he has the answer: 445,000.

That’s the number that Huan Liu came up with when he did a bit of internet sleuthing. “It’s a fairly big site; it’s pretty impressive,” he says of the entire EC2 operation

That same Amazon EC2 Cloud is where all of Kunnect’s global XVP infrastructure resides. It has allowed us to grow our foot print, as well as increased our hardware redundancy ten fold. Amazon boasts eleven 9s in terms of uptime on its data nodes…which means your data is safe.

We are continuing to better leverage the true power of the cloud, and this will be evidenced in future versions of XVP.

Fred Cote

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