Disaster Recovery – You Have Been Warned!

Kunnect Nation,

Over the past years, I have often been asked by customers what they can do to prepare for a disaster as it pertains to the continuity of their call center. Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions have for a long time, be an expensive proposition, and honestly ignored by most businesses.

Enter the Hosted Call Center Solution. One obvious benefit of a hosted call center solution, like XVP, is that your call center hardware, data, and licensing are hosted in the cloud, which means it is with you anywhere you go.

Here are a couple of scenarios to contemplate:

1. You operate a call center and the building has a electrical shortage, or your main internet line is severed. You are down hard! With Kunnect’s XVP, your agents and managers can all go work from home for the next day or two and leverage their own internet connections and home computers to keep the call center going….problem solved.

2. You operate a large outsource inbound call center and your clients demand 100% up-time from you. Let’s say your center goes down, but this time, you are NOT using Kunnect, but rather a premise based PBX / ACD system to route your calls. You would be dead in the water without a real DR plan.

I have a plan to propose to you. Implement Kunnect’s XVP system as your disaster recovery solution…as a standby for your premise based solution. You could prepare the XVP system with all the proper ACD groups and DIDs in advance, so that if you had to cut-over your inbound toll free calls to a new location, you could very quickly.

This idea is not fiction, but one we at Kunnect have already done for several large outsourcers. Find out if it makes sense for you.

Fred Cote

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