Oversee Your Call Center From Anywhere..Even The Beach

Kunnect Nation,

I thought I would share with you an interesting story told to me by a customer last week. He owns and operates a call center in the U.S. with about 25 agents. At the begining of March, he took his family on vacation to Mexico for spring break. As usual, he brought along his iPad 2. Along with his usual checking of email and surfing sport websites…he discovered something new.

He could manage his Kunnect enabled call center from the beach!

More to the point, obviously, he could access the XVP admin site to run reports and view productivity in real-time…but he discovered that he could also monitor his agents, and send them IM messages, all from his iPad.

By downloading a softphone, he was able to use one of his Supervisor licenses to register his phone and monitor/coach his agents right from the Extensions View. As well, he now used the Instant Message capability to send directed messages to his agents.

This was an eye opening experience, he said. I smiled :-). The real kicker was that once he had his softphone registered, he was able to make calls back home to his friends and fmaily without incurring any international dialing costs.

If you have a story to share, let me know.

Fred Cote

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