U.S. Call Center Industry – Alive and Dialing!

Kunnect Nation,

All the signs have been pointing here for the last 18 months; the U.S. Call Center market is poised for renewed growth. With renewed growth comes renewed technologies.

Being a Hosted Call Center provider, I have been able to garner numerous stats over the last year about our increasing client base. Here are some interesting facts I have put together:

* Of the new customer sign ups in 2011, only 2% are new to the call center industry.
* 40% of new customers have migrated from an in-house premise based solution to a cloud-based solution.
* 95% of all customers have lowered their call center operating costs by over 25% by going to the cloud.
* 66% of our clients have grown their business by at least 20% this year on our solution.
* 45% of our customers use cloud-based solution so they can have at home agents.
* Only 29% of customer have actually implemented at home agents.

I think these statistics speak for themselves and help paint a picture of a surging U.S. based call center market. We are happy to keep offering economically priced, yet feature rich solutions, to are customers.

Fred Cote

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