At Home Agent Market To Benefit From Super Wi-Fi

Kunnect Nation,

As we all know, the at home teleworker market in the US is beginning to boom, but it has been plaugued with some issues, predominantly the availability of reliable broadband internet connectivity.

Google, Microsoft and more than 500 rural US colleges, universities, and public interest groups have joined forces to finally solve the issue of rural internet connectivity — using Super Wi-Fi on the white space spectrum. This initiative, called AIR.U, hopes to bring between 20 and 100Mbps of wireless connectivity to rural educational institutions, which will then provide internet access to local communities (reported by Sebastien Anthony).

Couple this with the governement’s recent work initiatives for veterans and spouses thereof, you can expect U.S. Call Centers to continue to expand into the at home agent market.

Kunnect’s Hosted Call Center solutions lend themselves to at home agent deployments quite easily as its basis is the Web and VoIP. We continue to see at home agents as a significant growth sector for our hosted call center customers.

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