CCaaS Growing Faster Than Expected

Kunnect Nation,

For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym CCaas, it stands for Contact Center As A Service. Gartner recently relased two interesting report updates. First is on its predictions for the 2011-2016 CCaaS market and the forecast couldn’t be any brighter:

Gartner expects there to be a 17% compound growth over the next 5 years for contact center adoption of hosted call center solutions. Add to this, the report that by 2013, 75% of call centers are expected to be leveraging hosted call center solutions.

As well this week, Gartner announced that its growth prediction for the Enterprise software market will flatten at 4.5%-5% over the enxt couple of years. This is a strong indicator that CCaaS is the new standard for the marketplace of hosted call center offerings.

Kunnect is pleased to be at the forefront of this industry by delivering reliable, cost effective predictive dialing and ACD solutions worldwide.

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