All Industries Affected by Telemarketing

Kunnect Nation,

Whether you realize it or not, telemarketing touches (or calls us, I should say) one way or another everyday…probably 2-3 times a day.

I say this because one-on-one conversations with a prospect or customer still remains one of the most sacred business interactions out there. It is definitely better than a mailer piece, SMS or an email. Voice interactions touch more than just one sense, sometimes two or three. That’s why they have a more profound impact on the callee.

I have seen companies employ telemarketing (cold calling, post sale survey, etc…) in many different industries. It never ceases to surprise me when I hear from a customer in some obscure industry who wants to try calling on his or her customers.

Long story short, telemarketing is a key element in any business-client relationship. It might not be the only interaction point you have with your client, but at one point or another, it will happen. Use it, and don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Fred Cote

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U.S. Call Center Industry – Alive and Dialing!

Kunnect Nation,

All the signs have been pointing here for the last 18 months; the U.S. Call Center market is poised for renewed growth. With renewed growth comes renewed technologies.

Being a Hosted Call Center provider, I have been able to garner numerous stats over the last year about our increasing client base. Here are some interesting facts I have put together:

* Of the new customer sign ups in 2011, only 2% are new to the call center industry.
* 40% of new customers have migrated from an in-house premise based solution to a cloud-based solution.
* 95% of all customers have lowered their call center operating costs by over 25% by going to the cloud.
* 66% of our clients have grown their business by at least 20% this year on our solution.
* 45% of our customers use cloud-based solution so they can have at home agents.
* Only 29% of customer have actually implemented at home agents.

I think these statistics speak for themselves and help paint a picture of a surging U.S. based call center market. We are happy to keep offering economically priced, yet feature rich solutions, to are customers.

Fred Cote

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2012 Predictions about Call Center Growth in the US

Here are some predictions I made earlier in the year.

2012 might be associated with the Mayan end of the world prophecy, but it also signals the start of a new era for the outsourcing industry – the cloud age.

The current landscape of the outsourcing industry will shift in 2012. Most notably, we’ll see a strong transition to cloud computing.

Cloud-based technologies have made a notable impact on the business community in the past five years. However, it has been in the last two years that we have seen cloud providers increase ten-fold.

2011 was the beginning of an amazing era, which will prompt change, especially to cloud-based technologies and the call center industry.

Here’s what we can expect to see in the year ahead:

1. “100,000 new jobs will be created in the call center and BPO field. Two new proposed laws will prompt this job growth – the U.S. Call Center and Consumer Protection act, which seeks to restore outsourced call center jobs, and the Veterans Job Bill, which will provide employers with tax credits for hiring veterans.”

2. “The US call center and telemarketing industry will see $23 billion in revenue in 2012 – roughly $5 billion more than 2011 due to significant job growth. In 2011, there were 336,000 telemarketing employees. New initiatives like those set forth by Jobs4America are already creating new jobs.”

3. “75 percent of companies will choose cloud subscriptions lasting more than one year. The adoption rate for cloud-based services is increasing dramatically. Consumer-based familiarization with the iPhone 4s’ iCloud will further support the cause for cloud-based solutions. Organizations are also witnessing ROI in the cloud, as evident in a CSC study showing that 82 percent of businesses adopting cloud services save money.”

4. “The ‘at home’ remote agent call center workforce will see 30 percent growth.This will be due to the paradigm shift in employer perception in the productivity of this employment segment. In an economically critical time, companies will do whatever they can to increase productivity, grow revenues and control expenses.”

5. “50 percent of all traditional BPO workers will be doing some form of multi-channel work. This implies that agents are doing more than just one form of client interaction like email, telemarketing or chat. This will be substantiated by the continued growth in companies adopting multi-channel CRM solutions and it will translate into companies buying new state-of-the-art hosted multi-channel solutions.”

6. “There will be 2.5 billion global internet users by the end of 2012. As the availability of broadband and smartphone connectivity increases globally, this number will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20 percent annually. We crossed the 2 billion internet user platform in January 2011, as reported by ITU.”
The Future of BPO/Contact Center Outsourcing in the U.S.: How to Prepare
Despite seeing a steady stream of interest from offshore BPOs for cloud-based telephony solutions, there has been an impressive increase in demand from U.S. based firms. This is a sign of an improving business environment in the U.S., one that will rely heavily on optimization, cost reductions and increased efficiency – all deliverables of cloud-based solutions.

According to research from Datamonitor, contact center outsourcers saw significant cost saving benefits from home based agents compared to contact center facilities. Based upon estimates from brick-and-mortar providers, cost savings estimates can vary between 20% to 30%.

With cloud-based solutions gaining momentum, U.S. companies have a responsibility to “know the facts” and make informed decisions, while offshore outsourcers need to firm up their value proposition if they want to remain competitive on more than just price.

Fred Côté is president of Kunnect, an industry leader in cloud-based call center telephony solutions.

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Increases in B2B calling

Kunnect Nation,

Over the course of the 12 months, I have noticed an important increase in business to business (B2B) calling. I also get asked my telemarketing managers if it is worth it to employ a predictive or preview dialer in these cases. That’s a good question.

Being a hosted call center vendor it seems easy to say yes, but I think hosted dialers, like the Kunnect solution offers more than just calling a ton of people faster. Here are other very important factors to consider:

1. List Management…Stop kidding yourself…you can’t do this manually
2. Securing your data…keeping your data in a dialer is a lot more secure that call sheets in your office.
3. End of day processing….Just the payroll saving for clerical work required to enter sales into a CRM or email off to a processor can be eliminated with automation.
4. Getting past the gate keeper – with Kunnect, you can store script information as well as information captured on previous calls for display on your new call.

I think I’m just scratching the surface here, but I’m dumbfounded that people still dial manually. Automation is the way to go. Join the Kunnect revolution 🙂

Fred Cote

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XVP Tips – Lead Management

Kunnect Nation,

I wasn’t always a “dialer” guy. In my previous life, I used to manage the leads for a small telemarketing company. Some of the basic principles I learned then, albeit we were dialing manually at the time, still apply today in the dialer world. Here are some pointers:

1. We added a Sunday evening shift and canceled our Friday evening shift. The people we did reach on Fridays were never interested in talking to us. Also, our agents appreciated being off on Fridays. Sunday evening calls worked out quite well.

2. We would call all our AM (answering machine) leads on the weekend shifts. We never tried fresh leads on the weekends. We were able to finally reach those people that worked during the week, and keep more fresh leads for the weekdays.

3. Now don’t laugh…this used to work quite well. We took a copy of the USA Today and looked at the country’s weather map. Would would target areas where it was raining (or snowing) in the hopes that more people would be home during the day.

4. Lastly, we realized that most people were home from 9am to 11am and after 4pm duing the day. As we would be calling into all time zones, we would cycle through them with the aforementioned schedule in mind. This way, where ever we were calling, it was morning in that time zone (i.e. calling at 1pm EST, it was 10am PST). This helped avoid afternoon slowness.

If you have some ideas of your own you want to share, just drop me an email at I’d love to hear them.

Fred Cote

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The Amazon Cloud

Kunnect Nation,

It’s one of Amazon’s best-kept secrets. How many computers does it take to keep its Elastic Compute Cloud platform afloat? And now, a researcher with Accenture thinks he has the answer: 445,000.

That’s the number that Huan Liu came up with when he did a bit of internet sleuthing. “It’s a fairly big site; it’s pretty impressive,” he says of the entire EC2 operation

That same Amazon EC2 Cloud is where all of Kunnect’s global XVP infrastructure resides. It has allowed us to grow our foot print, as well as increased our hardware redundancy ten fold. Amazon boasts eleven 9s in terms of uptime on its data nodes…which means your data is safe.

We are continuing to better leverage the true power of the cloud, and this will be evidenced in future versions of XVP.

Fred Cote

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Expanding our horizons

Hello Kunnect Nation,
Yesterday we entered into an exciting partnership with TMC ( in launching our very own online community called “Free Call Center”. As you all know, Kunnect FREE was impacted the marketplace in a very compelling fashion. We have set the new standard for inexpensive, feature rich, cloud based call center product offerings.

Feel free to visit our channel at and see what it is all about. Let you friends know, so they too can join the call center revolution.

Fred Cote

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